Lancaster Eyes & Ears Program

Lancaster Eyes and Ears Program (LEEP)
The City of Lancaster Code Compliance Division is seeking volunteers to join the Lancaster Eyes and Ears program (LEEP)

The LEEP program will primarily perform duties in the field identifying code violations for code officers to perform further investigation. The program is intended to have volunteers aid city staff in improving and preserving the quality of life in our community. These volunteers will help act as the “eyes and ears” in residential and commercial neighborhoods to staff code compliance officers. Citizens are key to identifying potentially serious problems.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

Patrol assigned areas to identify code violations such as:
  • Excessive accumulation of trash and debris;
  • Parking of vehicles, boats, trailers on unimproved surfaces;
  • High grass and overgrown weeds/vegetation;
  • Junk vehicles;
  • Illegal dumping and litter; and
  • Illegal placement of signs
LEEP volunteers will be asked to take photos of the identified violation and submit with the address to the code compliance division. The volunteers would only be able to provide limited information to property owners and residents concerning the correction of violations, bulk trash pickup procedures, and adhere to the expectation of privacy and personal safety.


Volunteers are requested to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per week. Work schedules are flexible based on
your availability but are limited to daytime hours. Volunteers must possess a Texas class “C” driver’s license, successfully complete a background check and drug test, reside in the City of Lancaster.


The basic training includes, reviewing the relevant municipal code sections, criteria for determining if the conditions and known facts constitute an actual violation and how to work cooperatively with people to avoid confrontation and be a good ambassador for the city. The overall goal is to target, the problem not the people.

Training will include a total of 5, 2 hour sessions with code officers to educate volunteers on different code violations that may occur in the field. The training session will include 1 hour inside and 1 hour in the field with a code officer. Volunteers will be trained on what violations are and what they may look like in the field as well as procedures of reporting to code office.


  • Knowledge that you are helping to promote City Council’s goal of a Healthy, Safe and Vibrant Community.
  • Knowledge that you are benefiting your neighbors with questions about code compliance matters.

How to Join:

Contact the City of Lancaster Code Compliance Division located at 700 E. Main Street, or by phone at 972-218-1200, or by Email.