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Welcome to the Lancaster 2033 Comprehensive Plan Update. We are excited to begin this journey for updating the Comprehensive Plan that was adopted in 2002. Changing socioeconomic trends, new directives, and future growth potential for the City require fresh perspective and review of the existing Plan. Objective of this updated Comprehensive Plan is to identify community goals and objectives while also adding pertinent elements from existing plans and community input to make the plan comprehensive in scope. This will require extensive public involvement by including Lancaster residents in the planning process and gathering their opinion. This Comprehensive Plan will provide an integrated approach to all aspects of Lancaster’s future growth and development with emphasis on the following areas:
  • Community Development/Future Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic Development
  • Open Space and Recreation
  • Community Character and Design
  • Historic Preservation
  • Public Facilities Planning
Sustainable Practices City Council has selected a Jacobs Engineering Group as the lead consultant for this study. They have an excellent team of professionals from pertinent areas of expertise to guide this planning process successfully.

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

An 18 member Advisory Committee has been formed who has a central role in this process. The Committee members will work with the City staff and consultants in reviewing information and analysis, defining and evaluating potential alternatives for the future and considering possible goals and action priorities. The Advisory Committee plays an important role in building consensus among interests about the recommendations and direction of the Lancaster Comprehensive Plan.