Tri City Jail

The Tri City Jail works in full partnership with the cities of DeSoto, Lancaster and Cedar Hill.

The jail operates with the purpose of providing a safe and efficient environment for the housing of prisoners.

The records for inmates of this facility are kept by the respective Police Departments and not at the jail.

Tri City Jail is located at:
714 E. Beltline Road
DeSoto, TX 75115

To bail someone out of jail:
All bonds for Class C Misdemeanor charges (like traffic tickets) can be posted at the jail, all other charges must be posted at the county jail. The jail accepts cash or credit cards only, no money orders. To get someone out of jail, the whole fine must be paid, or in some circumstances, the judge will allow a payment plan to be set up and release the individual. You may also go through a bond agency.

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