Internet Safety Tips

With the free flow of information that the internet offers, there are some unique dangers that all internet users should be aware of. Below are some important online safety tips to help you safeguard your computer, your children, and yourself against these dangers.

Closely monitor the activities of your children online.
The internet can be dangerous if you don’t know how to protect yourself. Children can be especially vulnerable to online predators, scams, and be less discerning about what they click or download.

Never give out personal information to people you meet online.
Criminals often search online for easy targets, keeping your personal information private helps reduce your risk.

Only shop at online stores that you know and trust.
A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't trust them with your credit card Information in real life, then you shouldn't online. Also, if it sounds too good to be true, it is probably a scam.

Never give your user name and password for your online accounts to another person, especially someone online.

Do not share any financial information over email, even if it looks like it comes from your bank.
Legitimate financial institutions don’t do business over email. If in doubt call your bank directly (the number that you have on file, not the 1 that appears in the email).

Be careful of what ads and links you click on.
You can get unexpected adult content or end up with a virus. It is important to only click on links for sites you know and trust.

Only download files from trusted sources. Online you can download information both from websites and your email. However, you should be as wary of downloading a file from a stranger as you would be of receiving an unopened package from a stranger.

Many of these tips may seem like common sense but many people forget them when they are online. If you remember to be as cautious online as you would be dealing with people in real life, you are far less likely to fall prey to standard internet dangers Additional Resources for Online Safety

OnGuard Online is a comprehensive resource about avoiding scams, talking to your kids about online safety, and other critical information about staying safe online. A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety- This is the FBI’s resource sheet for parents, so that they can be aware of their child’s online behavior.