Welton R. and Mildred Chapman Fail
Genealogical Resource Center

Welton R. and Mildred Chapman Fail were untiring supporters of the Lancaster Genealogical Society and the Lancaster Library. The Fails worked vigorously to replace the research material lost during the April 25, 1994 tornado. The genealogy section was named after them when the library moved into its new building in 2001. The Genealogical Resource Center contains a collection of materials for family history research. The materials come in a variety of formats such as books, CDs, microfilm, microfiche, brochures, and electronic resources.
Genealogy Sign
Where to find these resources

  • Census index books are located in the shelves next to the microfilm machines.
  • Books to check out, How To books, and Family History Books are located behind the internet computer in the Genealogy Center.
  • General Books are located in the 929.3 section.
  • The New England Books are located at the beginning of the state books.
  • State books are in alphabetical order by state. The general state books are located at the beginning of the state with each counties’ books located in Dewey order. This places books from counties who are near each other geographically near each other on the shelf.
  • Microfilm is located in the microfilm cabinets on the south wall.
  • Microfiche is located in the cabinets on the east wall.
  • The genealogical center contains some specialized material in the vertical file. Information about the Best Southwest area and especially Lancaster can be found there.
  • There is some general information pertaining to genealogy subjects, research in other geographic areas, and family histories.
    Some of the material available pertains to:

    • Bessie Coleman
    • The Confederate Gun Factory once located in Lancaster
    • Historic Homes in Lancaster
    • History of Lancaster
    • History of Pleasant Run
    • History of Wilmer Library
    • The 1994 Tornado
    • Steel Dust, the famous quarter horse
    • The Town Square