Employee Benefits

City Employee Benefits

The City of Lancaster offers competitive salaries and benefits for regular, full-time employees.

Employee Benefit Booklet 2022 - 2023


The City of Lancaster provides medical, dental, and life insurance for employees at no cost. Dependents may be covered under these plans at group rates. All employees are covered by workers compensation for injuries sustained in the line of duty.


Employees receive 10 paid holidays per year.

Vacation (Non-Civil Service Employees)

Vacation time:

  • Less than 5 years service - 10 days per year
  • Five to 9 years of service - 15 days per year
  • Ten or more years of service - 20 days per year

Sick Leave (Non-Civil Service Employees)

Employees earn 10 days of sick leave per year.


The City of Lancaster participates in the Texas Municipal Retirement System. Employees contribute 7% of their salary to the program. Upon retirement, the City of Lancaster will match the employee's contribution 2 to 1. The City of Lancaster is also a participant in Social Security.

Deferred Compensation

The City of Lancaster offers an optional deferred compensation 457 plan. Employees can contribute a portion of their salary, before taxes, to a retirement account.

Direct Deposit

Employees must elect to have their biweekly paychecks automatically deposited to any bank requested.


Employees who have been with the City of Lancaster at least a year receive $4 per month for every year worked.

Tuition Reimbursement

The City of Lancaster provides educational assistance to its employees for additional, job-related educational development.


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