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Homework Help
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Below are some websites which might be helpful in answering homework questions and useful for research.

General Reference
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Cyberbee - Curriculum resources for teachers, and research materials for kids.  

Encyclopedia - An online encyclopedia and dictionary website.
Encyclopedia Britannica - Access the Encyclopedia Brittanica Online.

Fact Monster Homework Help - Get help with homework in every subject.

Homework Helper - a directory of websites where you can get homework help.

Homework Spot - A resource for homework help in every subject area.

Khan Academy-  A website with over 3,000 educational videos and excercises on all subjects

History and Geography

50 States of the U.S.  - Learn more about every state in the union.

CIA World Factbook - Discover information about the government, people, and culture of countries around the world.

State Facts - Get more information about your favorite state.

World Flag Database - See flags of countries around the world. Travel Quizzes - Website with quizzes for you to test your World Geography skills

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Dictionary - Online picture dictionary for kids.

Oxford English Dictionary  - The Oxford English Dictionary Online.

Caldecott Medal and Honor Books 1938-Present - A list of past and present Caldecott award winning books.

Purdue University Citation Style Resources - A guide to all of the major citation styles, include MLA, APA, and Chicago.

Newbery Medal Books - A list of Newbery award winning books.

Texas Bluebonnet Awards Reading List - A list of Texas Bluebonnet Award winners.

Lonestar Reading List - This year's Lonestar Reading List.

Gradesaver - Summaries and study guides for various books. Caution: These summaries are not a substitute for reading the book.  Teachers often use these resources in lesson planning.

Pink Monkey  - Summaries and study guides for various books.  Caution: These summaries are not a substitute for reading the book.  Teachers often use these resources in lesson planning.

grammar NOW!  - Website to help you improve your grammar, punctuation and writing skills. 

International Children's Digital Library - Online library of books in several languages for children.

Kids Read - A place to get reviews and learn more about your favorite books.

Vocabulary - A site dedicated to helping you expand your vocabulary

U.S. Government
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The Math Forum - A forum where you can answer any of your math questions at any age. 

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
 - This site challenges the whole family to stretch their math skills.

Math Drills - A website dedicated providing math drills and flash cards for kids.
Easy Guide to Key Concepts in Integrated Algebra I- An e-Book that covers key concepts for those struggling with Algebra.

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National Fire Protection Association - Visit Sparky the Fire Dog's website.

Foreign Languages
Foreign Languages

Mango Learning Language Software - Allows you to learn any one of 22 new languages or practice ESL. - List of all official government sites for kids.

EPA Students - The Environmental Protection Agency's site for children.

FBI Kids - The Federal Bureau of Investigations official kids site

FEMA Kids - The official kids site for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department: Outdoor Kids - A site for kids managed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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Amazing Space - See pictures from the Hubble Telescope and learn more about our universe.
Kids Astronomy - A website dedicated to helping kids learn about astronomy.

Bill Nye, The Science Guy- See experiments, take science quizzes, and much more.

Cool Science - Howard Hughes Medical Institute's website with resources just for kids.
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Bam- CDC for Kids  - Learn about common diseases, food safety, and much more at the Center for Disease Control Body and Mind website.

NIEHS- Kids - Learn more about how what is in your environment affects your health.

ADA for Kids - A place to learn more about caring for your teeth.

Healthfinder for Kids - Lists various websites which give kids more information about their body and it's health.

Kids Health - A site dedicated to helping kids understand how their body works and how to keep it healthy.

My Body - Learn more about how the human body works.

Best Bones Forever - A website dedicated to helping girls build healthy bones from the beginning.
Discovery Kids - Games and resources for kids from the Discovery

Lunar Prospector - Get more information on the Lunar Prospector and see the results of experiments performed on the moon.

Magic School Bus - Find out more about science with Mrs. Frizzle on the Magic School Bus website.

National Geographic - See articles about scientific discoveries.

Odyssey Adventures in Science - A site where you can get science news and ask experts your burning science questions.

Kids Space- Science Project Guides - A guide to science fair projects.

Science Fair Projects - A list of science fair projects and a list of resources to help as you create your project.

Science Place - A list of exhibits and resources availabe at The Dallas Museum of Nature and Science aka "The Science Place".

Star Child - A kids guide to astronomy.

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