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1. What forms of identification is accepted for establishing new service?
2. What happens if my check or credit card payment returns?
3. I had a leak, can I get an adjustment on my bill?
4. I want service but I have a delinquent bill from an old account? How do I establish service?
5. My service was disconnected for non-payment. What is required to re-establish service?
6. My service was finalised for non-payment. What is required to re-establish service?
7. Can I turn my water back on myself since I made the payment?
8. I will not be able to pay my utility bill before the disconnect date. What should I do?
9. Does the city make exceptions in hardship cases?
10. What is required to turn on the water temporarily so I can clean an empty house?
11. If I pay a deposit for new services, how soon will my water be on?
12. I left the water utility bill in my name for my tenant or family member, but they left an unpaid balance. Am I responsible for that delinquent balance?
13. What happens if my deposit dozen’t cover my final balance?
14. Am I able to get information or make payment arrangements on a utility account if my name is not on the account?
15. I pay the water bill but my name is not on the account. Can my name be added to the account?
16. Why I was not notified of a disconnection?