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1. Do I have to pay for accident / offense reports?
2. Do I have to register my burglar alarm?
3. Will the Police Department do fingerprints for the public?
4. Where do I file a complaint or a commendation regarding police department employees?
5. Where do I pay fines for citations? How many days to I have to take care of a citation?
6. Who do I contact for employment with the Police Department?
7. My car has been impounded. What should I do?
8. Where is the Lancaster Jail located and does the Police Department accept checks or credit cards for payment of bonds in the jail?
9. Does the Police Department unlock vehicles?
10. Will the Lancaster Police Department unlock my house if I lock myself out?
11. Where do I obtain / renew my Texas driver license?
12. What do I do I have become a victim of identity theft / fraud?
13. Does the City of Lancaster have a curfew for minors?
14. Do I have to pay for an accident/offense report?