Does the city have standard construction details?
Yes, for more information, please contact Development Services, Engineering Division at (972) 218-1200. Please visit the website for standard construction details.Click here

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1. What type of maintenance bond does the City require for construction of public improvements?
2. How can I tell if my house or property is located within the floodplain?
3. Can I build anything in an easement?
4. How do I get a survey of my property?
5. Does the city have standard construction details?
6. What does the 100-year flood" mean?
7. Who do I need to speak with to construct something in a floodplain?
8. How do I get an elevation certificate?
9. There is a new construction work near to my lot and I am having drainage problems due to the construction. What can I do?
10. What is the construction schedule for a particular City project?
11. What is the process to submit plans for drainage review?
12. What is the turn around time on submitted plans?