Code of Conduct

The Lancaster Veterans Memorial Library is supported by the tax dollars of the citizens of Lancaster who have a right to a clean, pleasant, and safe place. The Library should be a place to engage in appropriate library activities: reading or studying, choosing books or other library materials to check out, using copy machines or the public Internet, attending library programs, or requesting assistance from library staff. No library visitor should create problems for the other library users or himself. Displays of unacceptable conduct will result in being asked to leave the library or possible revocation or suspension of privileges for a period of time.

Unacceptable types of conduct:
  • Disorderly conduct, talking loudly, or disruptive behavior, including running.
  • Cell phone use prohibited except in the lobby.
  • No radios, TV’s or other disruptive communications devises
  • Harassment-physical, sexual or verbal abuse of other library users or of library staff
  • Intoxication, Drinking, or Eating in the library
  • Loitering-including refusal to leave at closing
  • Smoking in the building
  • Exhibitionism or flashing
  • Voyeurism
  • Sleeping
  • Soliciting, campaigning or conducting business
  • Failure to supervise children in your charge
  • Disruptive or wet clothing
  • Animals in the library except service animals or animals in library programs
  • Failure to follow the Internet Policy
  • Abuse or vandalism of library materials, Internet or network, equipment or facilities
Child safety in and around the library, and while using the internet, is the Responsibility of the Parent, Guardian, or Caregiver. Parents should remember that the library is a public building and is welcoming to everyone.

Do not leave your child without safe transportation after the library is closed.

Always make sure your child knows how to contact you at any time. Leave early to pick up your child if predicted weather may cause traffic delays.

Please keep valuables with you at all times. Library and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

In libraries as in all public places, "stranger danger" is a real concern. In addition sometimes children left alone in the library may become bored, hungry, ill, frightened, or disruptive and disturb the enjoyment of the library by others. To ensure that the library is a safe and pleasant place for patrons of all ages parents, guardians, or caregivers are responsible for the care, safety and behavior of children using the library.

Children under 10 years:
Must have a parent or caregiver (14 years or older) within sight or close conversation distance of the child.
Parent or caregiver must have emergency contact information

Children 10-14 years:
May use the library unattended, but should not be left alone for over 1 hour.
Child must be mature enough to follow library rules and observe proper conduct.
Child must have emergency contact information.
Parents are responsible for the safety and action of their children.
Children are subject to the same rules of behavior as other patrons and consequences, including being asked to leave the library.

Children over the age of 14 years:
May use the library without direct adult supervision
Child must have emergency contact information.

Children of any age with mental, physical, communicative, or emotional problems which render necessary supervision should be accompanied by a parent or caregiver at all times.

When a child is unattended in the library
It is not the intention of the library to seek out unattended children, but rather to have a reasoned response prepared if necessary. When problems arise while a child is using the library or if the child is left unattended in the library in violation of this policy, the library will attempt to reach the parent or caregiver. If it is unsafe for a child to leave the building without an adult, s/he should NOT be left in the library unattended. If a parent or caregiver cannot be located, Library staff may contact Child Protective Services or Emergency Services.