About the Library

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Mission Statement

Lancaster Veterans Memorial Library selects, acquires, organizes and provides access to information and ideas for the citizens of the City of Lancaster. The library strives to meet the informational and recreational needs for library service of the greatest number of users and seeks to provide the highest quality information services and access to additional materials and funding by participating in cooperative arrangements and networking with other city and state institutions.


Lancaster Veterans Memorial Library, a 1 story 23,000 square foot building, opened on May 6, 2001, in Lancaster Community Park. The citizens of Lancaster approved a 4B tax referendum in January 1995 to build the library. The library embraces local history and culture in many forms.

Friends of the Lancaster Veterans Memorial Library

The Friends of the Lancaster Veterans Memorial Library meet on the 4th Tuesday in November at 7:00 PM. The meeting is open to the public. The Friends of the Lancaster Veterans Memorial Library is a non-profit corporation which exists to focus public attention on the library; to promote knowledge of the library's function, resource, services, and needs; and to aid in the development, improvement, and extension of its services. It serves as a liaison with other groups to promote the welfare of the library. There are many levels of involvement and support from the Friends. Members assist in a variety of ways as their time allows. Our main goal is to make the library more visible to our community by having both informative and cultural programs and other events that encourage citizens to make the library part of their life. The proceeds from the fundraisers purchase special items to enhance the library. Membership is open to all individuals and family or business associations. Contact the Library’s Circulation Desk for rates at (972) 227-1080.

The Lancaster Veterans Memorial Library Advisory Board

The purpose of the Library Advisory Board is to promote public interest in the library, to coordinate projects and services for the library, and to recommend Library Policies to the City Council. The Library Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity. The Library Advisory Board consist of 5 regular members who serve 2-year terms and an alternate member appointed annually. The Library Advisory Board meets quarterly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the library’s meeting room. The meeting is open to the public.