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English as a Second Language?
Reluctant Reader?

Designed for beginning adult readers and new English Readers. These books with audio cassettes make it easy to follow the words in the book as you hear the book being read.

List of Titles available

Easy to Use

SmartReader texts are recorded at 2 speeds; 40% slower than normal conversation on the first tape, and 17% slower on the second tape. When someone achieves success at the slower speed, they move on to the faster pace.

Two Reading Levels

SmartReaders are available in 2 reading levels, covering topics written to interest middle/high school and adult readers. Level One SmartReaders are written on a first-to-second grade reading level and level Two SmartReaders are written on a third-to-fourth grade reading level.

Exciting Topics

SmartReader topics include histories, biographies, mysteries, and more. Each book is recorded by a professional actor who brings life to the text at both reading speeds.