Rental Registration Program  (Hotel/Motel, Apartment and Single-Family/Duplex)

Rental Property Program

The City of Lancaster recognized a need for an organized inspection program for rental properties within the city.  The intent of the program is to promote and verify compliance with life, health, fire, zoning and safety codes in order to provide a safer and more attractive environment for the citizens of Lancaster. 

Regulations require all Single-Family/Duplex Rental Properties, all Apartments (Multi-Family Units) and Hotels/Motels to register annually.  A registration fee is assessed in accordance with the City's Master Fee Schedule.  Inspections are performed on Apartment (Multi-Family) and Hotel/Motel Properties each year.  Additionally, inspections are performed on Single-Family/Duplex rental properties each time the tenant changes. There is an inspection fee that is required each time the tenant changes in a Single-Family/Duplex home.  This fee is charged in addition to the annual registration fee. 

A rental application form is listed below.  Additionally, specific requirements for each of these types of rental properties can be found below: