Lancaster Mobile Assessment Response Team

L.M.A.R.T. Objectives

  • Reduce the number of behavioral health calls addressed by police and fire by providing proactive and reactive behavioral health care.
  • Increase the ability of police and fire to focus on public safety related calls.
  • Provide comprehensive on-site services to persons experiencing a behavioral health crisis.
  • Provide and ensure continuity of care following stabilization on scene, hospital transport, or emergency detention.
  • Provide prevention and intervention services for persons who chronically use emergency systems for behavioral healthcare needs, reducing police, fire, and criminal justice involvement.
  • Provide mobile integrated care and linkage services.
  • Follow-up on emergency detentions to ensure appropriate service linkages and engage patient into healthcare systems.

Rapid Response

  • Full assessment of social needs, medical needs, mental healthcare needs, victimization, and safety factors
  • Help determine most appropriate action, which may not always be hospital transport and emergency detentions.
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